First Appeared: | April 27, 2018

On Tuesday the Financial Times Europe Editor Tony Barber wrote a piece entitled ‘The EU is no protectionist racket.’

How the FT has fallen. But this is not new. One of my City friends, after 30 years of being a loyal subscriber, cancelled his subscription over Brexit. He wrote a long letter of explanation but of course they neither replied, nor took notice, in their globalist bubble as they are. I did likewise – sadly – with the Economist, having read it every week since I was a student.

For those of you not behind the FT paywall, the Barber article stirred up a lot of feelings from a lot of highly informed and educated people. One remarked: ‘The article is a shallow rendition of Project Fear, drizzled with pro-EU mythology. Unpalatable and well past its sell-by date, like a morbid French cheese reeking of ammonia and manure.’

Another said: ‘This is an exceptionally poorly written piece that starts with the conclusion and then desperately tried to find things vaguely along the line of argument.’