My husband is Jamaican. I love Jamaicans and that’s why I married one and am happily married.


But have no doubt about it, Jamaican society was a shock.  Not the crime, nor the food or the noise but a whole society filled with ‘Baba Mama’s’.  (Pronounced ‘Bebi Mada’)

A baby mama (also baby-mama and baby-mother) is a mother who is not married to her child’s father, although the term is often infused with other meanings as well.


And the reason I am writing about it, is in response to Laura Perrin’s article here about crime and fatherless families.


We know statistically that a lot of the stabbings, shootings and knife crime are within the black community in London – but we absolutely cannot compare the family structure of British Caribbean blacks and other Africans such as Somalies.  Islamic Somalis have some of the highest marriage rates in the world, together with other ills such as forced and underage marriage and FGM. The one thing you cannot say about Islamic culture is that it produces fatherless children: quite the opposite:  everyone has to get married, whether they like it or not, gay or straight, young or old.

“The gangs don’t necessarily follow racial groups, some can be very multicultural, but as a rule we’re finding the biggest threat to a young black male is indeed a young black male.”


Amnesty International called on the government “to urgently review” the Metropolitan Police’s Gangs Matrix and set up a public enquiry after it found that black men constituted 78 per cent of 3,500 people registered on the monitoring database.


And many of these blacks are of Caribbean origin.


My husband’s grandmother was born nearly 100 years ago.  She had 11 children, was never married and had at least 5 or 6 fathers to her children. And this is the difference: Many British women had 11 children 100 years ago, but they were always married.  The phenomena of single parent households (euphemism of single mother households) is pretty new in Britain. It is not new in the Caribbean, it was the norm 100 years ago.


86% of children in Jamaica are born out of wedlock and most people will never get married and this has been the situation for centuries, not decades.


The left would like to say this is due to slavery and warped male-female relationships.  But a quick look at Trinidad with a large Muslim and Hindu populations, who were also indentured slaves from India, says this theory does not hold up very well.  Ethnically Indian Trinidadians have some of the highest marriage rates in the world, as does India itself – so it would appear to be culture, not history. I am sure it is something else going on because similar patterns are seen in many non Islamic black communities, whether it is USA, Britain, Haiti or Nigeria. Black American women are the most unmarried women in the USA.


I always joke that that black American men go crazy in their teens and twenties because of all their  excess testosterone, have lots of babies, sex, violence, drugs, sport and music and then at 35, when their testosterone reduces to near the levels of white men, all settle down and become washing-machine repair men. I may not be so far from the truth.  Black men of West African descent have 19% higher testosterone levels than white men.


Black women also have higher levels of testosterone.  Add this to a traditional Christian society that bans abortion  (Abortion is illegal in Jamaica) and you end up with a lot of babies. (Jamaica has more churches per head of population than anywhere else in the world)


Every black, male Olympic 100m winner has been descended from the someone from the same part of Africa originally, whichever country they ended up in.

We do not like to talk about biology when related to race but what is good for winning 100m races, might not be great for passing A level Maths exams.

Testerone makes people strong, energetic, muscular, sexual and violent and competitive.  These correlations are well known.

Just a cursory look at Usain Bolt compared to Mark Zimmerman or Bill Gates will confirm this.


But there is more to it than just that but I do believe that helps to explain some of the root causes.


‘We are black men. That means we make babies’


I doubt if I would agree with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on much but I do agree with her headline in the article above. What she doesn’t say is that black woman also like making babies with a few ‘top’ black men because they like the attention and think they will ‘get the man’ by having a baby.


I am going to illustrate this with a life story.


A friend of my husband’s has 4 children with 4 different mothers, all before the age of 30.

He’s tall, handsome, holds down a job and is generally considered a decent and therefore ‘top’ man. The first baby arrived planned with a girlfriend when he was 20. Unfortunately the mother forgot to tell this man that she was a sickle-cell anaemia carrier before she got pregnant. This was found out early in the pregnancy and caused major problems in the relationship. Another women from the next street, in a small town in Jamaica started seeing this man. Before the first woman had given birth, the second woman was pregnant so children were born 8 months apart.


Now the 2 women started fighting each other and the man, including hitting him, with 4x4 pieces of wood. Things got so bad and continued to be so bad that the man ended up telling them both, that he could not live with either.  However he supported both women and both children financially for the next 20 years.


And this is important:  Anyone who thinks that you can just stop social security payments, and this behaviour will stop in the Caribbean community, is wrong.  It may reduce the rate but it will not stop it. There is NO social security or free housing or almost anything in Jamaica and yet the illigitancy rate is still 86%.  People make do, share houses, live in shacks and the men do help. That is probably what is different. The men are forced to pay when there is no social security and pay, they generally do.


Next the same guy goes abroad to work on a ship in Europe – partly because of the horrendous expenses of keeping the two women and two children.  And there he starts having a relationship with a 35 year old, childless Brazilian woman, also of black descent. This guy a 6’3” is a ‘good catch’ and she believes that if she gets pregnant, he will marry her and come and live in Brazil – although he says he never gave her any indication that this was the case.  He did, however, fail to tell her he had 2 children in Jamaica. And low and behold, she falls pregnant, despite the man saying he used birth control.


It should be noted that there are cases of women taking semen out of condoms to get pregnant.  


The Brazilian woman is Catholic and also childless and wants a child and this guy, is presumably ‘good genes’ – the sort of man you would choose if you wanted a child to be the father.  She goes back to Brazil (and she has a degree from an American university so is not totally poor). The family support her and it is 10 years before the man, has the money and time and wherewithal to go to Brazil and see the child although he had facebooked it.


In the meantime, he goes on leave back to Jamaica aged 30 and for his 3 months of leave time from the ship, dates a young 21 year old girl who was training to be a nurse. She gets pregnant but unfortunately, she had also been sleeping with other people – so no one knows whose baby it is. No one takes a paternity test – not a lot of point if no one is going to pay and there is no money.  She refuses to terminate the baby despite various medical and family members trying to pursue her. She gives up all hope of a nursing career and ends up as a cashier in a local garage, living with her Mum.


There is a nice Jamaican saying that sums this up’

‘Mama’s baby, Papa’s Maybe.’


Steve Harvey wrote about the ‘Denzel Washington’ effect that goes on in black societies.  All the women want a few men – the successful, tall, good looking handsome ones. It is a winner take all effect that seems to pervade.


There are professional athletes in the USA have 9 babies with 8 women and are proud of it.


I tell these vignettes to show that both the men and the women are powerfully motivated to have babies.


A little tinkering with the social security system or the tax code will not solve this.

If you really wanted to solve these sort of problems, you would really need to do a draconian ‘China’ solution which in the current political environment is totally impossible.


As Rod Liddle says this week in the Spectator:


The delusions begin in the home, of course. The latest dead kid is Rhyhiem Barton, aged 17. As you might have probably guessed, Rhyhiem was an aspiring architect. That’s how his mum, Pretana Morgan, described him, as well as being good as gold and definitely not a gang member. She also revealed that he had recently been sent back to Jamaica for ‘his own safety’